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 The XMS-Pro Music System, comprising of 2 components. 1st The Hardware Dongle ( USB-Stick ). 2nd The Software-Package. The Dongle has to be used to start the XMS-Pro Music System. You can remove it after the start or fill it with your own data. The Software-Package must be installed one time like an OS (you know that from Korg). It will delete all Korg Factory Sounds and novate all Multi-samples, Drum-samples and ROM-Sounds. It stays compatible to the Korg standard. That means Korg Styles, Pads and Performances can still be loaded and played but will sound with the better Sounds of DEEBACH. We put our focus to the most important Band- and Orchestra Instruments and removed Ethno Sounds and Styles as well as seldom used Sounds like whistle and scat-voices to use the memory optimal and worthwhile. Of course you can back-up the original Korg System with the known procedure. The basic package of our XMS-Pro do not need a RAM-Expansion. XMS-Pro Music System contains about 900 Multi-samples and about 1.300 Drum- and FX-Sounds. The Sound Demos from the Pa3x are the same sounds as the Pa600.
Preis: 499,80€ inkl. Mwst