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 61 keys, touch response, high resolution 7" Touch-Display Start time ca. 25 seconds DEEBACH - T.H.O. Hardware sound generator, 128-voice polyphony ca.1000 sounds, ca.64 Drumkits  (inkl. 256 GM2-Sounds und 9 GM2 Drum Kits) More sounds in the Download Area at DEEBACH User Forum FX: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Master EQ, Arpeggio, Harmony, Chopper ca. 240 Music-Styles, More music styles with the build in Style Creator, with the Grand Suite PC Software or at the download area at DEEBACH User Forum Style-functions: Select, Start-Stop, Sync-Start/Stop, Intro A/B, Main A/B/C/D, Ending A/B, FILL IN, O.T.S. Link, FADE IN/OUT Song-functions: Select, Play/Stop, Record, Pause, RW, FF 16 canael Midi Mixer Display the score at the Display Build in Metronom: 30-280 bpm Recording: MIDI und USB Audio Knobs and buttons for:: On/Off, Master Volume, Select, Effect On/Off, Song Select, Style Select, USB Device, Demo Songs, Global Settings, Mixer, Klangfarben Anwahl, Data Dial Rad, Taster +  - , Part 1-2-3 & Lower On/Off, Exit, Sustain, Transpose + -, Octave+ -, Performances, O.T.S., Multi Pad, Modulation,  Pitch bend, Volume, Panorama, Attack, Release,  Assign Knob 1&2 für eigene Belegung, u.a.Reverb Length, Arranger Volume, Cut off, Resonanz, Tempo etc. Auto Fill, O.T.S. Link, Bank, Freeze, Store, Connections: DC IN, Headphone, AUX In/Out, Sustain Pedal, Volume Pedal, USB, MIDI In/Out/Thru, USB Port Speaker System: Two way Bassreflex System  Tweeter 15W x2, Bass 25W x2 Dimension(LxWxH): 970 x 390x 160 mm Weight: ca.9 kgs including metall music stand & Grand Suit PC Editor Software
Technical specification