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Deebach is the exclusive tree for all keyboard musicians. Already in 2003 our designer and developer of our XMS-Pro technology, Dietmar Delissen, revolutionized the market of digital expansions in cooperation with Oliver Schwarz and his Musitronics GmbH. The distribution was made by Xprodata and Musitronics. Unhappy with the Sound development of the established producers, Dietmar Delissen found a way to let the Keyboard Sounds shine in a very different light. Common improvement of technology and new Software-solutions of Musitronics GmbH allowed significant developments and the XMS-Pro technology began to grow. In 2008 Mr. Delissen involved his friend, Frank Gabriel, with commercial experiences from a major corporation into the company. They agreed to install a network of different producers with the target to develop a totally new instrument under the name of Deebach. After some tests of various Hardware components they found out that the excellent Hardware of Korg PAx Keyboards represents the Sounds of the XMS-Pro System ideally. The World premiere of the first Beta-version of our XMS-Pro System took place in our development studios – de rode deur Recording Studios NL-Roermond - on 05/28/2013. We received assistance by the company PL-Audio, who provided us with an unreleased PA Satellite- system Prototype called Gorilla TS 41. Apart from completion of our XMS-Pro System we are already looking into the future. We have created some ideas to continue to please our customers with innovative products.